Seiva is a homage, the essence of the one that created and formed, the one who feels and founded Seiva.
Seiva comes from resin and pays homage to the resin making profession. Profession of the father and grandfather of Chef David Jesus.
It´s in the roots that strength arises, it´s in the stem that it develops, it´s in the leaves that it expresses itself… it´s the sap (Seiva) that transports, fuses and empowers the whole ensemble!
Seiva is a restaurant of world cuisine, creative and with attitude, having plants as its creative base. Not wanting Seiva to be labeled by Plant Based (100% plant origin), we felt the need to apply this detail, encoding our concept, to help express the essence and entity of this space.
Seiva is the restaurant that puts you closer to earth, in a conscious, dynamic, creative and genuine way, presenting in all the elements of the menu a vegetal starting point. Seiva is part of Chef David Jesus essence and also part of yours!


David Jesus, born on November 10th, 1995 in Setúbal, raised between the Sado river and Arrábida mountain, between the sand tongues of Tróia and toils of the river.

Young, dynamic, creative, genuine, with a lot of attitude and will to win. His professional experience counts with restaurants like Feitoria, Fortaleza do Guincho, Quique Dacosta, DiverXO, Frantzen and being director of Cambas Group Research and Development department - which includes Brasão Breweries (Foz, Aliados and Coliseu), the restaurant O Paparico, Padaria Granu and the brand Têsto - homemade food.

David is passionate about life, nature, everything you feel and make feel.

This free-spirited young man feels that his great mission is to create experiences found through his passion - cooking - the link between his identity and the world.

The Chef and owner of the Seiva brand felt a need to approach and express something that feels and makes him feel, thus giving birth to this concept.

“Seiva is part of the path, it´s not a starting point or a finishing point, it´s a driving force for expression and connection!"


Rua Sarmento Pimentel, 63,
Leça da Palmeira, Porto


+351 910 546 756

Opening Hours

Ter.: 19h - 22h  
Qua.- Sab.: 12h - 15h | 19h - 22h

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